Pilates is a body conditioning routine that may help build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back.

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Group Pilates Reformer, Barre, TRX Suspension, Yoga and Rebound classes, for a great, total body workout! The largest Pilates fitness studio on the Sunshine Coast.

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  • WOW! I have a long story, but I will try and cut it short. For 2 years my personal trainer and I have been working on my balance due to a medical condition. My trainer has done a great job in this time, but not only did I need more I wanted more. I remember reading an article about the Moulin Rouge Dancers keeping their lean bodies through Barre and Pilates and thought - that's what I need! Then by magic this sign appeared on Aerodrome Road - " Barre Attack - get your body back!" So I finished my hurdle of Kokoda and thought, I'm in, Barre it is and man, I love Barre! My body has toned heaps because of it...but there was more! Barre is fantastic as an all over workout with a twist, but Michelle also introduced me to Pilates classes on the Reformer. I thought Pilates to be a namby pamby thing - but I thought wrong. Sometimes I feel more after a Pilates workout than Barre and that's saying something! But after 10 weeks I can say this - I see the changes, I feel the changes and when my trainer made me do some extenuating balance exercises yesterday and was blown away with my progress, saying "Wow! The Pilates is making such a difference in your whole body balance - it's fantastic". Then all I can say is - Thanks Michelle!


  • I have always had every excuse under the sun not to exercise but since Sunshine Studio Pilates opened its doors, I can't wait to get to the classes! I am loving what Pilates and Barre have done for my body and fitness levels and I always come away from the classes feeling great! Michelle is such an awesome instructor and is very concise and patient!! Thanks for helping me to look forward to my exercise regime!


  • My body has never felt better! Pilates has given me a greater level of fitness than I could ever imagine and has also had such a wonderful impact on my stress levels! I look forward to the classes and the challenges and thoroughly enjoy the studio environment! I really didn't imagine that I could ever feel this fantastic and fit! Thanks Michelle. Awesome!!


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